Advanced Email Protection for Microsoft 365

Intermedia AEP

Keep your business safe from known and emerging email threats

Comprehensive, multi-layered protection against malware and unknown email threats

Anti-phishing protection against targeted email attacks

Point-of-click protection against malicious links in emails

Data Loss Prevention and outbound email protection

Traditionally, email security solutions focused on protection against malware, viruses and threats distributed via spam. Today, email threats have evolved, and fraudsters employ more sophisticated techniques, such as social engineering, impersonation and targeted spear-phishing attacks, to bypass traditional email security checks. Signature-based email protection engines are no longer enough on their own to protect businesses from these advanced attacks.

Advanced Email Protection for Microsoft 365 is an email security solution designed to protect your organization from sophisticated, real-time email threats. It uses multiple industry-leading email scanning engines to prevent spam, viruses, malware and phishing from reaching your mailboxes.

Advanced Email Protection offers businesses enterprise-level security that is affordable, reliable, and easy to deploy, use and configure.

Why do you need Advanced Email Protection for Microsoft 365?

Comprehensive, multi-layered protection

Designed to deliver a detection rate of over 99% with very few false positives and fast response to real-time threats by using multiple engines and threat intelligence collected from almost 1 billion mailboxes worldwide.

Anti-phishing protection

Flags suspicious mail, identifies spoofing and analyzes email content and sender identity for signs of fraud and impersonation.

Point-of-click protection against malicious links

“Zero hour” protection technology rewrites all URLs within inbound mail and performs a real- time scan to protect users from phishing sites or webpages containing malicious code.

Data Loss Prevention and outbound email protection

Protection accidental leakage of sensitive or proprietary data based on pre-determined policies.

The product is exemplary, and the service is 100%.

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