Intermedia AppID® Enterprise

Provide secure 24x7 access to web applications and data with Dynamic Identity and Access Management.

Advanced Single Sign-On (SSO) and dynamic password management

With support for all major browsers—including Internet Explorer®, ChromeTM, Firefox® and Safari®—as well as apps for both iOS and AndroidTM, Intermedia AppID® Enterprise gives users the freedom to work anytime, anywhere and from virtually any device without requiring multiple login credentials.

Intermedia AppID Enterprise provides advanced single sign-on (SSO) to any web application – regardless of where it is hosted and whether it supports standards (such as SAML). Users access their applications by logging into the AppID portal. That’s it – one dashboard and just one password to remember.

Dynamic Password Management

Dynamic Password Management automates password changes and immediately replaces weak user-created values with passwords that are long, strong and unique across every account.


Multi-factor Authentication

Intermedia AppID Enterprise supports the full range of strong two-factor authentication solutions with a choice of methods including SMS and push notification to protect access to sensitive applications for all or a subset of users.

Application Enrollment

New applications can be added to AppID Enterprise in less than a minute with the easy-to-use Application Admin wizard.

User Enrollment

Using the comprehensive built-in enrollment features makes it possible to easily deploy multiple applications across thousands of users in a matter of hours. 

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