Intermedia AppID® Enterprise

Provide secure 24x7 access to web applications and data with Dynamic Identity and Access Management.

Improving productivity, security and control

Intermedia AppID® Enterprise lets you define privilege levels for each user and/or group and the web applications they are authorized to use. You can set policies and determine exactly which pages and elements within a web page a user is allowed to access.

Intermedia AppID Enterprise provides:

Social Media

IT managers often find themselves pulled between the needs of the business (for security and control) and the demands of users (for personal freedom and marketing). Therefore, many companies simply choose to block social media access. This approach limits corporate liability and keeps employees focused on their work, but social media has become an important marketing tool.  Companies can longer afford to block social media access for all users.

With Intermedia AppID Enterprise, you can:

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

To help organizations manage BYOD and mobile users, Intermedia AppID Enterprise secures a new endpoint—the browser.

For secure access to web applications, iOS and AndroidTM users on mobile and tablet devices only need to authenticate their user credentials one time.  Users will then have SSO to applications via a personalized web portal that gives them instant access to their frequently used web applications.

You’ll be able to:

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