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Email Archiving

Help keep your email securely archived and easily accessible with a service that's fast, secure and scalable.

The Basics

Why your email needs secure archiving and protection.

Why archive your email?

Industry regulations and legal risks compel you to retain your email in perpetuity. Intermedia’s cloud-based Email Archiving provides a solution for this institutional knowledge. By integrating email storage, security and recovery features with your other Office in the Cloud services, Email Archiving makes it easier to preserve your intellectual property, facilitate compliance with hundreds of industry regulations, and simplify eDiscovery.

Safeguard intellectual property

$369,000. According to Osterman Research, that's the potential cost of downtime, stolen intellecutal property or litigation charges if you don't have email archiving.

Protect your intellectual property

Facilitate compliance

$395,000. That's the potential cost of failing a compliance audit, according to Osterman Research. Are you regulated by PCI, SEC, GLBA, HITECH, SOX, or other agencies / guidelines? Will you fail an audit or accidentally expose a customer’s credit card data?

Facilitate regulatory compliance

Speed eDiscovery

$535,000. That's the potential cost of engaging in litigation without email archiving, according to Osterman Research. All too many businesses will be involved in litigation. Can you comply with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and deliver all relevant emails within a short window to prevent a fine?

Speed eDiscovery

Email compliance rules

FRCP, SOX, HIPAA, FINRA, GLB, NYSE, NASD, and SEC regulations all require nearly every company to maintain a complete and easily accessible archive.

Explore the requirements

Email Archiving for Office 365 customers

Learn why Office 365 customers use Intermedia's Email Archiving to add compliance and protection.

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Case study: How Email Archiving protects CargoTrans

“I have colleagues who, like me, had Exchange servers and archiving solutions that were a nightmare to manage and use. I have always recommended Intermedia. The price, capabilities and support are much better than other solutions I’ve seen.”

— Dominic Assinnari, IT Director, CargoTrans Inc.

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