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Preventing Insider Risks: A best practices guide

In our 2015 Insider Risk Report, Intermedia surveyed over 2,000 knowledge workers in the US and UK about their security practices at current and previous places of employment.

And incredibly, 93% of respondents admitted to engaging in a least one form of risky data security – from sharing account credentials to installing non-sanctioned applications.

Our key recommendation for preventing this kind of behavior is to implement a set of guidelines incorporating best practices for employee security and access to IT services during employment as well as a rigorous IT offboarding process for departing employees.

This document presents a template for bringing these practices to your company. It includes guidelines for setting up internal processes as well as specific actions to take when onboarding and offboarding employees.

In addition, it includes recommendations specific to regulated industries such as financial services, legal services and healthcare.

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insider risk best practices

Here's how to develop a complete understanding of your IT landscape and the access privileges within it.


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