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Intermedia's 2015 Insider Risks Report

Intermedia's 2015 Insider Risk Report uncovers the online security habits of more than 2,000 office workers in the U.S. and U.K. Even as businesses and the federal government have made cybersecurity a high priority, the survey found that 93 percent of office workers engage in some form of unsafe online habits that could jeopardize their employer or their customers.

However, the report also sorted the results according to age, role, industry and other groupings. And the findings fly in the face of conventional wisdom: the most tech-savvy employees are the ones most likely to create risk.

In fact, the very people who have the greatest access to company data and are tasked with keeping the company secure—IT people—are much more likely to engage in the riskiest behaviors:

These kind of practices, while sounding harmless enough, create risks for the company that include lost or hacked data, regulatory compliance failures, data breaches, eDiscovery risks, and ex-employee access, and even out-and-out sabotage by a disgruntled ex-employee.

Read this report to understand the scope of your risk.

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It’s nearly always the case that technical people are the worst offenders.

Richard Walters, VP of Identity and Access Management, Intermedia

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