Compliance Support for Highly Regulated Industries

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Regulatory compliance

Intermedia cloud services help you address compliance, security and privacy requirements as you move business-critical and sensitive information into the cloud. We make it easy for administrators to protect your users and your business through templates and built-in controls across our services.

The table below describes how Intermedia services can help you address a wide range of financial, privacy, and security regulations.

Read how Intermedia can help you comply with the GDPR’s requirements here.

This summary does not purport to list, nor should it be interpreted as stating that Intermedia addresses, all legal requirements related to data storage and retention. Compliance with GDPR and United States regulations such as FINRA, SEC, HIPAA and other applicable laws is complex and multi-faceted and is ultimately the responsibility of each entity that is subject to those laws.

Working with Intermedia helps us with the compliance requirements and challenges of our various customers. The partnership between Bay Computing and Intermedia has been vital in our compliance requirements because of Intermedia’s robust experience in this area.

Bay Computing Kirk Harding
Founder and CEO, Bay Computing

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