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Inside Intermedia’s Worry-Free Experience™

Onboarding and migration from our Cloud Concierge™ team

Moving to the cloud is easy because our Cloud Concierge team of onboarding experts will migrate your data and set up your services for free.

Technology & Beyond's Mike Maendler talks about Intermedia's migration services

Mike Maendler, CEO of Technology & Beyond, explains why he loves Intermedia's migration process. Our certified experts migrate your data for you, at no extra charge. We work with you to plan out the onboarding process to fit your schedule, with no downtime and no loss of data.

The hardest part about moving your IT into the cloud is retaining the value that’s invested in your current system. This is especially true for email (according to Gartner, 80-90% of your business’s intellectual property is contained in your email), but it's just as true for file servers or even your phone system. (After all, who wants to change their phone numbers?)

Most cloud providers force you into a DIY migration path or "recommend" hiring a migration consultant. But Intermedia is different.

Our Cloud Concierge™ experts implement a custom migration plan to move your existing users and data into the cloud with minimal interruption to your business—at no extra cost. We migrate 25,000 mailboxes to Intermedia each month, so you know you’re in good hands. Our Cloud Concierge onboarding experts are certified by Microsoft and Cisco, along with other product-specific certifications like SSVVP/SSCA and Sonic Wall. And they routinely complete training courses to increase their knowledge and skills.

Onboarding process for various Intermedia services

  • Exchange Email

    Our Cloud Concierge experts will work with you to:

    • Design an email migration plan that fits your schedule to reduce disruption
    • Set up your email accounts
    • Migrate your existing data
    • Shift your employees over to the new email service seamlessly and without loss of data
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  • Email Archiving

    For migrating existing data, you have a number of options:

    • Currently an Intermedia Exchange customer? We’ll port your current mailbox states into Intermedia’s Email Archiving at no cost.
    • Currently using Intermedia’s Message Mirror? We’ll migrate and ingest your full data set at no cost.
    • Currently using another archiving solution? We’ll migrate and ingest your full data set for you.
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  • SecuriSync® Backup and File Sharing

    Want to sync a file server up to SecuriSync? Just use our SecuriSync for Windows File Server sync tool to:

    • Install the tool on your file server
    • Decide whether to sync all or a subset of the files to the cloud, or
    • Migrate all the files to SecuriSync in case you no longer require the server
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  • Intermedia AppID®

    Our Knowledge Base provides all the information you need to quickly enable AppID for your users. We provide an Admin guide that shows you how to provision users and add custom apps to the service. And you give you an end user guide for your users that shows them how to add apps to their portal and use AppID to access those apps.

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