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RGT (Robertson, Griege & Thoele) Financial Advisors is an independent financial advisory firm that has been serving clients for over 24 years. It helps its clients identify, evaluate, and achieve their financial goals by offering financial planning and investment management services.

As a financial services firm, RGT must demonstrate the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. It must also adhere to a number of regulatory mandates—including the need for compliant email archiving.

“We are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC),” says RGT’s IT Director, Chris Lukauskas. “Based on the financial nature of our business, we must archive all sent and received emails and ensure fast and accurate retrieval for audits.”

But not just any email archiving provider would do.

Robertson, Griege & Thoele Financial Advisors

Company Profile:
An independent financial advisory firm headquartered in Dallas, Texas.

Industry: Financial

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas

Since: 2012

The Challenge

Lukauskas began his search for a hosted email archiving solution with a few specific criteria in mind. To prepare for the private internal audits that the SEC mandates, for example, Lukauskas must run compliance tests every six months against RGT’s archive. The solution he sought needed to quickly search through a large archive and create reports—as well as make it fast and simple to retrieve specific emails for audits or when users accidently deleted something critical.

After an intensive search, RGT selected Intermedia’s Email Archiving.

The Solution

“I knew Intermedia was the leader in hosted Microsoft Exchange services, and I wanted a provider and solution I could trust,” says Lukauskas. Since he was already using Intermedia’s Hosted Exchange email service, Lukauskas knew the company “had the most to offer” on the market in terms of capability and cost.

Lukauskas liked that Intermedia’s Email Archiving helps protect, preserve and discover critical information to mitigate litigation, disaster recovery and compliance risks. He also liked that it was pre-integrated with hosted Exchange, which meant that deploying the solution was as simple as clicking a few check boxes. But most importantly, he liked that it was fast, scalable and secure.

We're very happy with the service and Intermedia’s support is always extremely responsive.

CHRIS LUKAUSKAS, IT Director, Robertson, Griege & Thoele Financial Advisors,

Products They Use

The Results

RGT’s office has experienced frequent power outages in the past. But with hosted Exchange and Email Archiving, Lukauskas now feels secure that “emails will just keep flowing and being archived properly,” regardless of what happens at the office. “I no longer keep one eye open in the middle of the night,” he said.

Beyond peace-of-mind, Email Archiving also helps Lukauskas reduce RGT’s costs. “I lowered our storage needs by 500 gigabytes and no longer need to add servers on the backend. That saves me time and the company a lot of money.”

Although Lukauskas sees compliance as RGT’s largest motivation for needing archiving, he is actually using it more frequently for day-to-day business needs. “If our clients are sued, we need to retrieve emails to support their eDiscovery process. Also, I’ve needed to retrieve accidentally deleted emails from the archive on several occasions and restore them for users. The ability to search through millions of emails in a matter of seconds really sets Intermedia apart from other solutions I’ve seen and makes my job much easier.”

“We’re very happy with the service,” says Lukauskas, “and Intermedia’s support is always extremely responsive.”

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