Intermedia gives Technology & Beyond “intensely agile” cloud services


Business was good for Technology & Beyond even when they were a break/fix company. However, though they were successful, they realized that it wasn’t the kind of business they wanted. Break/fix is reactive by its nature: customers only call when they’ve got a problem, and they aren’t interested in a relationship beyond the fix.

Technology & Beyond knew that even greater success lay in providing a more proactive, more positive approach to client services. “So we shifted our business model to get ahead of those issues as a managed services provider,” said Mike Maendler, CEO of Technology & Beyond.

Company Profile:
Technology & Beyond started in 2001 as a traditional break/fix company and later evolved into a managed service provider—and an Intermedia gold partner.

Industry: Managed Services Provider

Headquarters: Midlothian, TX

Since: 2009

The Challenge

They knew they had the right people and the right skills. What they needed was the right technology partner: a cloud provider that could scale and adapt to both their customer needs as well as the way they did business.

As Maendler described it, they were looking for “intense IT agility.”

“We were looking for a partner that had goals similar to ours: Customer service, excellence and the ability to meet and exceed our customers' needs,” said Maendler. “We did some investigation and discovered the skill and ability of Intermedia.”

The Solution

“Intermedia brings the intense agility that we need in our products,” said Maendler. “They have the ability to adapt quickly and change as rapidly as our customers' needs change.”

In fact, Maendler said, Intermedia met all the criteria on their list:

  • Reliability. “The Intermedia five-nines guarantee is probably the single most important distinction they offer among other service providers. We have really come to rely on the total dedication, the reliability, the stability of their products and services.”
  • Support. “24/7 support is very important to us too because we do a lot of off-hours work. We try to take care of our customers when it's least intrusive into their environment and their business day.”
  • Ease of control. “Intermedia's Partner Portal is an incredible tool that our technicians can utilize to manage fully and completely our customers’ experience. It makes it easy for moves, adds and changes. It's a really phenomenal experience.”
  • Simple onboarding and migration. “Intermedia’s onboarding and migration tools don’t compare to any other provider. They've gone to such an exceptional level to think out all the challenges, all the little aspects that we might run into in a migration. Rollouts and integrations at our clients' locations are incredibly simple.”

Today, Technology & Beyond offers Intermedia’s full menu of cloud services. “It was easy for us to embrace all the products they offer because they all have the same reliability and stability that we demand for our products and services,” said Maendler.

Intermedia’s just the best. I don’t know how else to put it.

Mike Maendler, CEO, Technology & Beyond,

Products They Use

The Results

Intermedia’s cloud services proved to be the right choice for Technology and Beyond, allowing them to expand their business beyond traditional break/fix work. “Our partnership with Intermedia has made it very easy for our business to grow,” said Maendler. “We don't have to add a huge technical staff to manage the Intermedia environment.”

Technology & Beyond’s customers benefit from getting multiple integrated services from one provider.

“Different platforms like VoIP, Exchange e-mail and secure file sharing are already talking and working together exceptionally well. Problems and issues are almost nonexistent,” Maendler explained.

If problems do arise, the company relies on Intermedia support. “Intermedia has the most amazing support department I think we've ever dealt with,” said Maendler. “You can sense the fact that their technicians and their support people care about our clients and what our end users are experiencing. They go that extra mile.”

Marketing support has been helpful as well. “We really love the sales and marketing tools Intermedia provides us. Our sales staff and technicians can utilize them to not only understand the product, but clearly communicate about the product with our clients and end users,” added Maendler.

Asked whether he would recommend Intermedia to other service providers, Maendler replied, “You know, when I think about other people partnering with Intermedia, I would say ‘don't do it.’  Because if you do, you're going to end up competing with me!”

He paused and laughed, and then added, “Intermedia’s just the best. I don’t know how else to put it.”

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